Gothenburg is considered as the world's most sociable cities due to its eclectic blend of class and culture. This Swedish city showcases modern entertainment mixed with the natural beauty of the Swedish shore. But aside from these, there's so much more that this country can offer and here are the five reasons why Gothenburg should be your next travel destination.

Great Food. Gothenburg is blessed with an abundance of fresh seafood. It is due to the Feskekorke or fish church, where most fishermen get the freshest catch. According to Ordinary Traveler, one must try the Sjomagasinet for a complete seafood display or the SK Mat & Manniskor for the authentic Swedish dish with a modern twist. Another must try is the Haga, a plate-sized cinnamon bread or The Cafe Husaren where the best and authentic Hagabullen is served.

Nightlife. The Langgatorna or the "longest streets" is where you can experience a festive night. It has a variety of hangouts and bars that offer craft beers at affordable prices. The Rover is the locals' favorite because of its 32 varieties of beer while Nefertiti is for those who prefer live music.

Environment friendly. According to Telegraph, the city endorses green public transport. It makes use of electric buses that are emission-fre,  and they also have biking schemes that offer bicycle rides for public use. They also have safer roads with regulated traffic that makes biking preferable to the locals.

Easy to get around. It is a compact place that is very walkable. One can easily stroll around, discover local treasures and the people are also very approachable when you ask them for directions. The public transportation is also affordable and allows you to explore the city with ease. You may choose between public buses, trams and ferries according to your comfort.

Parks. Gothenburg is also popular for its green parks. The Slottsskogen is ideal for relaxing with its wide area of playgrounds, picnic spots and a petting zoo.  But if you're looking for thrill, the Liseberg Amusement Park is for you with its 30-year old rollercoaster. It maybe the oldest theme park but it's the most visited attraction in the city with over three million guests.