Gadgets are more than just high-tech toys; they are ways for travelers to tell their stories through high-resolution imagery. They are also the means to conveniently book flights and hotel stays online. These five gadgets are the best gifts to give a traveler who might have an upcoming birthday -- or for late Christmas!

Everyone wants drones -- especially frequent travelers and hikers. Drones afford travelers a bird's-eye-view of their travel destination and a great screenshot of their entire trek. Different drones have different features, such as following a traveler from a third-person point of view. Conde Nast Traveler recommends the $1000 price tagged DJI Mavic Pro Drone -- and 4K videos are only a start as to why.

Power generation -- a consistent amount of it -- is what travelers need during their journeys. Powerbanks for gadgets are a dime a dozen nowadays but available sockets in hotels and even rental apartments are often sparse. The LampChamp -- available in Amazon -- allows one to use the lampshade as a USB charging terminal for traveler's gadgets and screw the bulb on top. Note that a little aesthetic adjustment with the lamp might be needed.

Signal repeaters were once bulky, which makes travelers nowadays lucky of late because HooToo's Signal Repeater is almost the size of a regular power bank -- except it is also a power bank and a signal repeater at the same time. The best thing about it is the price -- it would not cost an arm and a leg and it allows travelers to exchange media effectively and access the internet with WiFi over distant areas.

Travelers love their media and if they could get it without messy cords, they would definitely treasure it. The Avegant Glyph is a virtual reality device that makes movie-watching more amazing during those idle travel moments -- likely when one is about to sleep or just waiting for a long line. If not for watching, then they can be used as traditional bluetooth headphones for music.

Taking an advanced step from traditional powerbanks, the Anker PowerPort Solar Lite - available from Amazon -- is something that Too Many Adapters recommends because it is a solar charging device. Set it up against the sun and travelers can bring back their devices to life. Think of the many ways it can save travelers' (digital) lives.