If you love burgers and ramen then you might need to thank Keizo Shimamoto, the man who invented the world-famous ramen burger. Where are some things that you need to learn about him and his creation.

According to CNN, Shimamoto is a Japanese-American chef who once starred in a documentary film called Ramen Dreams. The film is about him where he tours in different places, tries out different kinds of ramen and basically talks about how delicious the dish is. 

He even ate 600 bowls of ramen in just one year and that just shows how he loves the food so much. Hence, the ramen burger was made in 2013 which made a debut in Brooklyn, Newyork's Smorgasburg food market. A lot of people fell in love with the dish that night and it just became a worldwide hit after that.

The main ingredient of the dish are ramen noodles of course, which are boiled and pressed to create the buns. After that, the buns are gently seared with sesame oil and then arugula and scallion-sprinkled beef patty are placed in the middle.

Shimamoto said: "It's a tad crispy on the outside, and inside, it's still chewy. When you bite into it, the ramen separates in your mouth, rather than in your hand." The dish is his legacy and it's actually registered under his name according to Justia.

But how did it all start? Well, even though Shimamoto was born in Los Angeles, his parents would take him to Japan where he would experience the culture and the food. Later on, he was intrigued why different regions in Japan had different styles of ramen. That mystery made him want to know more, and the rest was history.

The ramen burger is a reflection of Shimamoto's heritage being a Japanese-American. In fact, he's been making similar dishes like the fuji pineapple burger which is inspired by the same concept.Now, Shimamoto has ramen restaurant in New York which he opened in 2016.