Airlines are a dime a dozen. Tickets -- and priceless service -- are not. This is why The Points Guy, an air travel website that dissects almost every aspect of passenger air flight experience, has listed the bet and the worst of the world's airlines. Airfares, baggage, transportation comfort, reward points programs are just a few of the metrics used by the air travel website

Fifth on its list is American Airlines. According to The Points Guy, the airline boasts a huge network of flights to almost any country on the planet. However, the company places immense strain on its employees and the standard workflow -- jeopardizing services for lost baggage and other "involuntary bumps," essentially its customer service.

According to MSN, the fourth airliner on The Points Guy's list, Jetblue might be a "low-cost" airline but it is cut from a different cloth against American low-cost flyers Frontier and Spirit. It does miss a quite a few flight arrivals and has frequent baggage issues, but it balances out with better fees for baggage and in-flight seats.

The third airline on the list is Virgin Airlines. Richard Branson's airline has limited routes when it comes to travel, but travelers lucky enough to find their way into a Virgin Airline seat could relax for their entire trip. Airfares are fair and despite its costly baggage fees, staff guarantee that should passengers run into trouble with their things, they are ready to offer their best hand.

United Airlines comes in at second due to its undeniably comfy airline seats and having a balanced performance when it comes to all aspects. United Airlines has a wide range of short and long-haul flights, great customer service for lost baggage and other passenger concerns.

Alaska Airlines is listed as number one in The Points Guy's list as it performs better than most on plenty of its criteria for a better airline flight. Despite having a limited network, all aspects of airfare, loving customer service and its possible merger with Virgin Airlines could expand its growth further for 2017.