Depression can happen without warning -- a form of chemical imbalance resulting into negative moods difficult to comprehend. Experts encourage depressed individuals to have a change of scenery, something where travel can truly help--everyone needs a new, enriching and fulfilling experience when experiencing depression.  

Rambling Mandie, the eponymous blogger states that she has "since a child suffered clinical depression and anxiety attacks," and traveling has become a useful asset to help her recover. Traveling to new places creates new memories instead of leaving depressed individuals to "over-think certain facets of their life that negatively affect them.

New interactions with foreign acquaintances during travels help create new experiences and these individuals carry with them their own life experiences. Storytelling with a group of travelers is vital -- it helps depressed individuals learn more about different life perspectives. Most of these differences they could carefully compare and contrast and help improve their personal positivity.

Depressed individuals need stimulants to inspire and drastically change life perspectives. Individuals suffering from depression must realize when to break off from their daily work lifestyle -- which indirectly contributes to one's depression -- and travel for a span of time. According to The Daily Mail UK's Abigail Butcher, herself having suffered clinical depression after a relationship, she and her counselor had seen her perfectionism getting in the way of improving herself. Travel helped her learn a lot about herself and her perspective in life.

Tiring activities during travel and jetlag have helped Abigail get off medical sleeping aids while stories of other carefree and happy-go-lucky travelers opposite her perfectionism helped her discover that all she needed was small goals. Achieving small goals indeed are stronger than happy pills -- it gives one validation and confirmation of their ability to be productive, fulfilled, enriched and to become potentially successful in the future.