Introverts are the first people to refuse traveling with a group or even a tour guide during solo travel because conversations can make one feel too uneasy. The future development of augmented reality could make solo travel easier -- further than smartphones can take even the most indoor-oriented individuals on earth.

Asking for anything -- from information to items -- is something that is difficult for both travelers and venues. Traveling to a natural destination and wearing augmented reality technologies such as Google Glasses along with good Internet could introduce new information such as hiking trails, access points, campsites and reviews about nearby amenities. When isolated, there is no need to fear the lack of people to ask information for.

According to, real-time navigation for augmented reality tech is already a given. But augmented reality can create digital maps with arrows and other information visible while you are walking -- which is something similar to navigation systems in videogames. Navigation -- and the ability to back-track effectively using AR -- can elevate adventures to a whole new level.

Augmented Reality could bring out the adventure in anyone for no price at all -- relatively. While most people would not jump into another city without a plan or prior research on venues from their smartphones, AR apps could update one about events happening in venues near their locations. The notifications could just pop and travelers could just choose where to head to in that particular time of day.

Of course, there will always be videogames. Augmented reality games are already on one's smartphone, particularly "," which takes first-person shooters to a whole new level. As for travel, smartphones are impractical AR devices -- but VR ones such as this stationary exercise bike could mean further development in the AR fitness industry.

According to Mashable, shopping tourism will never be the same when it comes to augmented reality technologies. It could also be the focal point of the entire device. Looking at a product in a store, the augmented reality display could indicate other shops with the same product for less. Bargains done in an instant for travelers, they can also purchase from pop-up stores from an individual standing just around the corner.