It goes without saying that breakups are horrible. Depending on the amount of "closeness" a person reaches and the amount of deep, delicate aspect that hurt individuals, breakups could be recovered from in a few weeks to possibly still relishing and regretting the memory five years or even a decade.

This business uses travel and meditation as possible breakup remedies to help individuals learn more about themselves and get back on in their feet.

Renew is a "breakup bootcamp" that offer healing services in the form of travel and meditation. The company would keep all your digital devices, as individuals healing from breakups are likely to over-analyze the ex's social media posts and will remain obsessed quickly triggering relapses that need to heal.

In an interview with Glamour magazine, Renew owner Amy Chan said that she began the business after her first love and her had ended their long relationship. She spiraled into depression and searched everywhere for a "breakup retreat" that would help with "detaching." So she found ways to sooth herself and get back on her feet. It was after her recovery that an email forwarded to her blog gave her an idea to create Renew.

Renew chooses venues that are relaxing as they are supposed to be retreats. The retreat bootcamp has no definite headquarters as of yet, though Amy Chan has plans for a definite establishment soon.

According to NY Mag's Lisa Ryan, who underwent a retreat in a New York farm, she described something that places meditative activities as part of the core of Renew's moving-on procedure. Another part is that group discussions focus on trying to voice out once attachments and "relationship triggers," and successfully detaching from the negativity by seeing the good it can bring to one's personal development.

Aside from meditation and enjoying the bright countryside as a refreshing experience, activities such as wood cutting for both men and women helps defuse possible bottled-up anger. In contrast, relaxing activities including acupuncture helps relax and clear the mind of participants for further introspection in the next few days -- the next few steps to moving on.

Renew is not a budget retreat however -- to move on through nature, travel and self-examination one might need to spend $1,500 for a private room and $1,000 for shared rooms. One can think of it as a lovely vacation and the ultimate premium is placed on moving on from negativity through meditation, a sense of change and personal growth in the face of a devastating breakup or even divorce.