Valentine's Day is here and some of us may want to avoid the onslaught of all things this day brings, like roses, chocolates and stuffed toys.Here are five anti-Valentine's destinations those single may want to consider:

Solo Mate Travel's Wild West Adventure - For an experience nearer home, Solo Mate Travel offers a "wild west" experience in Arizona that comprises of team penning, horseback riding, a cowboy cookout and golf, as well as nights of luxury accommodation. Treat yourself at the spa, relax at the pool and experience true western heritage in the town of Wickenburg, according to Trip To Discover.

If Machu Picchu, The Lost City of the Incas, Peru - Be surrounded by the fantastic peaks of the Andes and explore the ruins. If you want to hike the Inca Trail, you'll need to be with an authorized agent, but taking an tour is perfect for solo travelers. Gate 1 Travel offers a 7-day package that includes a roundtrip flight from Miami to Lima.

An Ireland Pub Tour - A number of tour operators offers pub tours throughout the Emerald Isle, including Lynott Tours, which features an 8- or 9-day pub coach tour. It's not all drinking in these pubs, but you'll also enjoy the music and dancing, the center of social life here, most especially in small villages. If you don't want to join a bus tour, you can always go out on your own. The Irish people are so friendly, you'll never have to be alone, unless you really desire to.

Hang Out With a Furry Friend in Portland - In a move that's definitely in harmony with the slogan "Keep Portland Weird," Oregon's biggest city is home to one of the finest cat cafes in the U.S., reports ABC News. Purrington's Cat Lounge, a Portland cafe and rescue center, provides sanctuary for unwanted felines and strays, and puts them up for adoption.

Eat Ramen Solo in New York City - This one-dish, ramen-only restaurant's success is due partly from its famous ramen isolation booths, which allow diners to enjoy their ramen without any human interaction. Located in Bushwick, this Ichiran restaurant isn't as strict about its no-human-contact approach. Guests will be greeted by a server, but orders can be made silently using cards. The isolation booth gives you privacy and makes eating alone a relaxing, enjoyable experience.