Valentine's Day is coming, and what better place to spend this magical day with your partner than the beautiful romantic paradise that is Venice? One of the most sought after travel destinations on the planet, Venice is in a league of its own because of its subtle charm, delicious food, and romantic vibes,

However, some budget-friendly travelers are intimidated by Venice's luxurious beauty. But it doesn't have to be that way. You can enjoy Venice without shelling out thousands of dollars for a single trip, so here are some tips on enjoying Venice on a budget:

For meals: Do not resign yourself in thinking that eating at Venice requires you to go to high-end restaurants and exorbitant dining spots. There are actually several local eateries that serve great food without spending more than 20 dollars. In Osteria Enoteca Ai Artisti, you can enjoy a sumptuous dinner made with freshly caught seafood partnered with a glass of excellent wine for only €12, while Antico Forno sells delicious Italian pizza for only €4 per slice.

For accommodation: Although Venice is full of romantic hotels and B&B's to stay in, some of them can be a bit overpriced. If you're not willing to spend €500 a night for a room to stay in, there are several equally beautiful Airbnb pads and rooms that start at €40 a night. Also, Generator Hostels have awesome interiors and stunning views, and you can enjoy them all under €500.

For tours: Strolling through the streets of Venice is an adventure in itself. Put on your walking boots and get a map. You could take in this city's beauty without spending a single dime. You could also take a look inside the beautiful church of Basilica De San Marco, where its interiors seem to shimmer with its 8500-square meters of gold mosaics and marble-clad walls and floors. Now if you're dreaming of experiencing traversing through the city's Grand Canal, don't spend your cash renting a gondola. Instead, you can take the waterbus for a 3.5 kilometer tour of the whole city.