It is almost Valentine's Day and the hopeless romantics want to reserve the day for a beautiful movie. A movie that can set the mood for a meaningful celebration has just been released. "A United Kingdom" is a feel-good movie that tells of a kind of love that knows no boundaries.

The film written by Guy Hibbert is a true-to-life period drama about a couple who fought to keep their love according to the NY Times. Seretse Khama (played by David Oyelowo) is the future king of Bechuanaland (present day Botswana). He was attending school in the Inner Temple to become a lawyer when he met Ruth Williams (played by Rosamund Pike) at a church Missionary Society Dance. She was working as a clerk at Lloyd's bank at that time.

There was an attraction that was developed between the two at first meeting. An exchange of mails that led to dating followed. The kingdom has imposed the policy of apartheid. Khama's uncle Tshekedi was determined to hinder the marriage. The new lovers were faced with challenges from their governments and families as their relationship threatened the stability of their countries.

Their engagement was like an abomination to almost everyone. Ruth Williams was disowned by her family and she was terminated from her job. Khama's uncle even asked the missionary society to do something to separate them. They got married in a civil ceremony at the Kensington Registry Office because they cannot get the approval of the British government to marry. His uncle said, "If he brings his white wife here, I will fight him to the death."

In the end, love triumphed over his uncle who was interested in the kingship. He still got the support of the tribal elders and ultimately got his position as king.

The film is timely especially now that women's issues are aplenty. But the movie is very apt for Valentine's Day and those facing obstacles in their relationships. They can get the inspiration to go on from the film.

Besides political issues, the challenges that Oyelowo and Pike faced are comparable to the different problems that beset present-day relationships. How the couple won the battles can generally inspire anyone experiencing insurmountable hindrances.

The cast gave their best performances especially Pike and Oyelowo according to Movie Pilot. Amma Asante's direction was remarkable. The film is critically-acclaimed and promises a rewarding movie experience.