The LG G6 is definitely one of the most anticipated flagships of this year, given the fact that everybody wants to see another competition amongst Samsung and its rival in South Korea. Many believe that after the Note 7 disaster, the gap between both companies will be closer than any other. Even though weeks ago's data revealed that the highly- anticipated Galaxy S8 could really offer comparable specs and components or features as LG's flagship. Another report cited that this mobile phone will beat Samsung's flagship in the most important field: the battery.

According to etnews, LG G6 will have a 3,200mAh battery while the Samsung Galaxy S8 will simply have a 3,000mAh, which implies that LG's flagship will be a mobile phone with which clients would have more time to use it without worrying about charging. Normally, this is something that far from speaking to something insignificant, is really quite surprising considering that nobody expected that the South Korean giant could get beat it by its most valuable local competitor in a field that clients use to pay more attention.

This way, LG G6's battery will be greater than its antecedent, with the little inconvenient that the battery will really be not a user-replaceable, given the fact that the company is going for a premium waterproof design rather than a modular telephone. Since 2012, this is the first situation that LG chooses to wear its handset with a non-removable battery. As per BGR.

Indeed, another advantage for the LG G6 is that it will be released sooner than the Galaxy S8, which is something that would really attract the whole attention regarding this mobile phone. This specific element is important, considering that the difference between the release date is notorious that is quite possible that when the Galaxy S8 is released, the LG G6's popularity will still remain on top, particularly in talking about flagships with similar specs and features.