The LG G6 flagship mobile phone is anticipated to make its launching at the up and coming 2017 Mobile World Congress (MWC) event slated to appear next month. But, prior to its revealing, LG has now released some new insights about their forthcoming flagship mobile phone, which has affirmed a portion of the rumors that have been going around.

Soon, after the planned launching of the LG G6 in Barcelona, Spain, the flagship is also set to be made accessible to the public on April 7. This is as indicated by the leaker Evan Blass, who professedly could get his hands on the company's planning materials.

LG recently published an official statement on their site, which details some new features and changes that will go to the exceptionally anticipated new flagship. Blass, once leaked that the LG G6 was clearly going to wear a 5.7-inch display. He apparently was right with this specific detail as it was revealed in the press statement that the smartphone would for sure be accompanying a 5.7-inch display. As per LGnewsroom 

Yet, what he missed to specify is that the 5.7-inch display on the gadget would have been a QHD+ Full Vision display that will have a 2,880 x 1,440-pixel resolution. The display itself will also be displayed in a somewhat very different 18:9 aspect ratio. The bigger and wider screen will reportedly be taken full advantage of gratitude to the company's new UX 6.0 software that consequently changes over regular 16:9 ratio content into the 18:9 format.

According to a report from Venture Beat, the increased space will also be exploited by another camera software highlight called "Square Camera." The system fundamentally cuts the display into two perfect square, where clients can shoot pictures on one side and afterward review them on the opposite side continuously. Moreover, the camera software will also be highlighting another "Food Mode," which can be utilized to further improve the quality and saturation of food related snaps.