It appears that the excitement for the Samsung Galaxy S8 can't be contained and is developing incrementally. Presently, a company named Urban Armor Gear, which is otherwise called UAG, has recently recorded new cases for the up and coming Galaxy S8 smartphones on its official site, alongside what as far as anyone knows is the real photo of the up and coming flagship.

As per Android Headlines, the well-known case maker has recorded seven cases of the Galaxy S8s, particularly four Plasma cases and three Pathfinder cases. The new cases also appear to be very equipped for handling drops, since they are not precisely that thin, to begin with.

The Galaxy S8 have not yet been released, which is the reason many tech lovers are interested if there could be a few pieces of information with the new cases that UAG has recorded on its site. In the photographs, the Galaxy S8 sporting the cases highlight a front-facing camera, an iris scanner and four other sensors over the display.

Not just that, like the different leaks and renders of the Galaxy S8 and S8 plus, the gadget described in the photos does not appear to have a physical home button either. For its back design, a unique fingerprint scanner put close to the rear camera is available also and shows an extra physical button on the side. As per Sam Mobile, it is reputed to be a committed button for Samsung's up and coming voice assistant, Bixby.

Previously, there is no genuine or strong information of what could be the final design of Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus, and it is wise to bring everything with reservation until Samsung formally discloses it. A decent case was the point at which a photo was released that was said to be the base outline of the Galaxy S8.