In a fascinating turn, the NES Classic Edition made it among the best-selling consoles for January. In an interesting twist, the NES Classic made it among the best-selling video game consoles for January to place third on the rundown.

 According to WWG, the NES Classic manage to achieve the third spot in computer game console deals a month ago behind the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. GamesBeat also focused on that the Xbox One had its best January so far yet fail to surpass the famous game console from Sony. With respect to Nintendo's mini console. Another interesting part about the NES Classic Mini is that it has surpassed the Nintendo Wii U during the couple of months it has been made accessible. As per VentureBeat 

There were speculations before that Nintendo was using an old marketing trick to flavor up interest for the NES Classic as well as for its up and coming Nintendo Switch hybrid console. Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima himself admitted that the reason behind the shortage of NES Classic Minis was that the company miscalculated the retro console's popularity. It didn't anticipate the request from the more younger generation of gamers. Kimishima further admitted that some of the parts used in the NES Classic were hard to find making the situation even worst.

In spite of these issues, Nintendo manages to slowly make the mini console accessible in retail stores until it became the third best-selling gaming console for the first month of 2017. Actually, as Kimishima reported last Jan. 31, the NES Classic Edition sold an expected 1.5 million units around the world, an incredible feat considering fans have been grumbling continuously about its shortage of stocks.