Niantic has recently released 80 new pocket creatures in "Pokemon GO." With the new 80 Gen 2 Pokemon nearby, the pecking order is certain to change and Dragonite's rule may certainly knock over.

Prior to the presentation of the "Pokemon GO" update that released 80 new pocket monsters in the game, there are just three Pokemon that can be considered as stalwart Gym defenders. Most Pokemon mentors picked Dragonite, Snorlax, and Gyarados to defend their turfs.

Dragonite may have been the powerful Pokemon in "Pokemon GO" before the Gen 2 increments. Dragonite had the most elevated Max CP in the game with 3, 581 preceding the Gen 2 "Pokemon GO" release, as per Forbes.

Snorlax having the most astounding Stamina and Gyarados with a balance across the board stats are also the most staple pocket monsters that are seen defending"Pokemon GO" gyms before the arrival of the Gen 2. Besides having the highest Max CP, Dragonite also had the highest assault or attack in "Pokemon GO" before the presentation of silver and gold Pokemon.

With the addition of the Gen 2 pocket monsters, Dragonite's rule on the Pokemon Gyms everywhere throughout the world may simply arrive at an end. Pokemon mentors are currently finding how solid the Gen 2s truly are.

Among the 80 Gen 2 Pokemon, Blissey comes as an early top pick. The Chansey evolution has surpassed Snorlax as the Pokemon with the highest level of Stamina. Snorlax has 320 while Blissey is at 510. Blissey's 229 guard rating is also the highest in the game. Tyranitar has grabbed the title of the Pokemon with the highest Max CP rating from Dragonite. Tyranitar has a Max CP rating of 3,670 contrasted with Dragonite's 3, 581.

Donphan, Espeon and Heracross are three other Gen 2 Pokemon that mentors ought to watch out for. The "Pokemon GO" Gen 2 update may simply be the beginning of big changes in the game as Niantic has as of now revealed its plans to present "Pokemon GO" PvP and new trading system.