Ask anyone and they would tell you -- the first time boarding a passenger airplane was a mix of anxiety, panic and excitement. The excitement grows to higher levels once the plane has landed and these first time travelers have finally felt the chilly or warm weather, heard the new language and landed in a beautiful airport welcoming them into their first international trip. To ensure travelers get their chance at a magical first-time international travel, these five are the best destinations.

Truly breathtaking, exciting and majestic in its own way, Iceland is a favorite destination worldwide. With a greatly small population and lacking in urbanity, Iceland throws away any first-time international travelers' corporate burdens and buries them in memories of its amazing mountains, resorts and activities including whale watching.

Montreal in Quebec feels a little too near the United States but the destination -- hassle-free and appallingly affordable -- is less of a headache. While it can pass as a "faux Europe" with Quebec's French influence and beautiful urban architecture, travelers could spot amazing areas, such as the suggestions of Trips to Discover including Old Town's Bonsecours Market, the Notre-Dame Basilica and Mont-Royal Belvedere.

Quite far and quite expensive but definitely memorable if done right, if first-time travelers can head to Japan during the Cherry Blossom season, they are in truly great luck. It could be a pain to handle accommodations and an itinerary being a country quite far away, but the foreign language, culture and beautiful discipline and politeness of the Japanese definitely makes a first-time experience great.

Trip It's blog writes that if Japan imposes too much a challenge to learn a new language, the United Kingdom is a great place to avoid this barrier. Full of culture and similar to New York, London has its own beautiful charm and a host of museums and amazing sights. If not the urbanity, then the UK itself offers amazing sights, such as what Trip It describes "the misty mountains of Wales" to the "dreamy Scottish Highlands."

South America is also friendly to first-time travelers as many in its populace could speak English or at least understand it. Trip It also endorses Ecuador in the southern region. Aside from its warm climate, amazing food and great people, first time travelers could enjoy the wilderness of the Cajas National Park or take an educational urban stroll in Malecon 2000 in Guayaquil.