There are situations where people tend to be torn between saving money for their future or saving money for a vacation. Actually, one can do both without compromising the limited income he has. If you feel like you have to travel right away because the end of the world might come in the most unexpected time soon, stop right there and consider yourself to be among the other people who are dying to go on a vacation.

Sacrificing a little bit in order for you to earn for your future travel will actually be worth it and will never fail to surprise you for your dream vacation, Migrationology says. Hence, here are some of the hacks that you must consider in order for you to save money for your future vacation.

1. Plan the specific destination where you want to spend your vacation. If you want your future travel to turn into reality, you have to make a stand on which you really wanted to go to. Changing your mind is okay but planning for a specific place will basically save you from turning your dream into a nightmare.

2. Make a research on the place where you want to go to. Doing a precautionary measure by informing yourself right away to the range of costs that you might encounter during your trip is a must - from hotel accommodations, restaurants and meals, local transportation, airfares, and other tourists' overheads. This is actually connected to the first tip because making a definite plan for your desired destination will also save you from being short with your budget.

3. Save every centavo. Most people say that they cannot afford it or they do have no money for travel, Nomadic Matt says. But remember this. If you are really planning to go on a future travel, you literally have to save the entire centavo that you will get - from grocery stores, gasoline stations or from whatever means it may come from.

Think of it, if you plan to have your trip two years from now, every ten centavo that you will save per day give you $73 at the end of your two-year travel goal. Small amount, yes. But who knows, that $73 might save you from the possibility of not being able to pay for a bus ride during your trip.

4. Track your savings. Being updated to the developments in your travel savings will always do the work. If you check your savings twice a month, you will certainly make an idea on your mind to when will you get to experience that dream travel of yours. You will be able to estimate the time when you will complete your target amount that you think is enough to turn your dream travel into a reality.

5. Do not be in a hurry. You can have all the time in the world to experience your dream vacation. As the saying goes, God's time is always the perfect time. You just have to patiently wait until you earn the budget that you need for the most wanted vacation of your life. It may take a little patience and faith but when the right time comes, it will surely be worth the wait.