America has some of the best parks and locations for wildlife and nature. From glaciers, to wood, to coral reefs and lakes filled with marine life, America no doubt has vast choices when it comes to the nation's wildlife environment that includes the endangered ones. To know more about it, here are the top places you must check out

Mammoth Cave National Park, Kentucky. According to Traveler's Digest, Mammoth Cave is one of the longest caves in the nation spanning to almost 400 miles of twist and turns which can only be explored by foot. Mammoth cave includes around 130 species of wildlife and 70 of it is endangered. Most of the species that lives within the cave is small, like thouse of bats, cave shrimps, possums, and white tailed deer. Mammoth Cave not only is home to these species but the people in charge of the cave are preserving these species and the cave itself.

Acadia National Park, Maine. This park sits in between the sea and land and has one of the most beautiful views. Acadia is famous to birdwatchers. The rare peregrine falcon can be seen lurking around and flying over the coast line from time to time which is a rare moment to see. Other birds that can be seen in Acadia are seabirds, herons, and songbirds.

For marine life, it equals that as well. Marine species include starfish, crabs and of course different kinds of fish in the sea which just appear near the shoreline. If you have time, snorkling down the coastline is one way to enjoy the true nature of the sea where dolphins can be seen if you are lucky enough.

Great Smoky Mountains National Park,Tennessee/North Carolina. Beware while roaming around this park as black bears populate the area. Other wildlife included in the park are birds different species of birds, mammals, marine life and different kinds of reptiles. Recently, elks can be seen roaming around teh place, too. 

Orcas Island, Washington. Ever heard of orca whales? well yes, they are primarily located here but its not limited to these whales alone. Try to do kayaking around the island, for sure somewhere in the middle of rowing you will see whales pop up, seals in boulders, and an array or birds flying all over. Seals are very common in the island, mainly elephant seals as well as sea lions. You can also bike around the island to do some birdwatching.

Everglades National Park, Homestead Florida. According to Discovery, Everglades National Park located in Florida is known for its alligators.Crocodiles, panthers, sea turtles an also be seen around here too, as well as sparrows and the west Indian manatee.