Fancy going on a US family vacation? Believe it or not, it's quite hard to plan where to go for a family vacation in the US, since every state practically has something for every family out there. But you probably want to make sure that every destination you go is enjoyable for everyone, most especially the kids.

But of course, you also want to go to places you will enjoy as well. So how will you narrow down your search? Here are some of the best places to travel in the US if you're with kids:

Honolulu, Oahu. Tons of never-ending activities are in store for your family on the island of Honolulu. The kids will most likely enjoy the Waikiki Aquarium, and if you're craving for some beach fun, you can try wading with your kids to the Kailua Beach Park or go to Waikiki for some other cool resorts.

Circus Circus, Las Vegas. Who says Las Vegas is only for adults? In Circus Circus, your kids will be bombarded with endless fun and excitement in all the entertainment Circus Circus has to offer. It has an indoor theme park called Adventuredome, filled with more than 20 rides, a mini golf course, and a laser tag arena.

Yosemite National Park, California. Immerse your children in the beauty of nature at Yosemite National Park. Let them experience having fun without any technology involved, and here at Yosemite, they have activities such as rafting, hiking and mountain climbing perfect for family travelers.

Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge, Florida. Do your kids aspire to experience a real-life African Safari like the movie The Lion King? In this wild lodge, your kids will never get enough of all the animals grazing at their 33-acre savannas. From antelopes to lions and giraffes, over 100 species of animals are being kept here. Parents can also relax at the African-inspired rooms.