Travelers growing a huge beard or had been longing to tech-boycott partially to enjoy a temporary simple life outside the bustling city life need not to look further than their own backyard. In the United States are five of the best mountain towns to take a retreat, possibly cut some firewood and just relax.

Travelers wishing to accomplish a 13 thousand feet climb to the summit of Wheeler Peak in New Mexico should choose the town of Taos. With a population less than 10,000 and a cozy atmosphere, the country is magazine-picture-perfect with its superficial stone-type buildings and amazing focus on meditation -- which matches the mood of the town perfectly.

Travelers living in New York only need to step out of the city and take a trip to the small town of Lake Placid. Athletic travelers often compete in the Lake Placid's Ironman Triathlon hosted annually. It is natural for Lake Placid to have its "small town athletic hero" appeal; it has hosted both the Olympics and Winter Olympics from 1932 and 1989 respectively.

Colorado has many of the most developed mountain towns in the country but Aspen is the best among them. According to Travel and Leisure, with thousand-foot summits, an annual "Ideas Festival" that collects Colorado's brightest innovators, food, drink and music festivals, there is nothing else to be said of Aspen except travelers with the blues should head there immediately.

Speaking of the blues, head to Bryson City in North Carolina and spend some time musically retreating to America's classic blues and rock music. While doing so, try to explore any kayaking center as Bryson City offers the best watersports in the state of North Carolina. According to Men's Journal, Bryson City is indeed the mountain town for hikes, climbing and watersports.

America has its number of destination spas but none of them comes close to Berkeley Springs' mineral water. After a great spa is a great time to dine and wine in cozy hotel chains or the countryside's signature country inns that feature gardens and amazing artisanship by local West Virginians in Berkeley Springs.