Summer is near meaning parents are going to need a bit of extra time with their kids. What better way than to spend time, quality time with them by taking them out to theme parks. America is one of many countries that offer a lot of amusement parks for people to enjoy and have fun from the thrilling roller coasters down to eating a couple of cotton candies around the park its just one heck of a visit and a lifetime to remember especially if you are with your kids and loved ones. Here are some of the best theme parks all over the nation.

Six Flags Magic Mountain,California. This amusement park has the record for the most number of roller coasters in one location with 19 roller coasters which is insane. That's just for roller coasters yet the amusement park also offer other rides aside from that making it just a playground for both adults and children. One of the well known rides there is the Superman which launches backwards from 0 to 100 miles per hour in just a span of seven seconds. Tatsu is also one of their famous attractions, it is the tallest, fastest and the longest flying roller coaster in the world.

Cedar Point, Ohio. This amusement park is not as big as Six Flags Magic Mountain but still has something to boast about, like its 72 other rides. Cedar Point is a vast stretch of the sandy beach along Lake Erie and offers different attractions to choose from which can cater all visitors from any age group making it safe for everyone. Cedar Point is well known as America's most favorite theme park according to Rough Guides since 1870.

Walt Disney World, Florida. Its never a list if Disney World doesn't appear on one. The big and vast park is just unbelievable as it has different theme parks within it. Disney World has 4 enormous theme parks, two waterparks and unlimited entertainment which makes you feel like a kid again. Not only that but it also has 28 different Disney resorts where you can stay during the night and relax after a tiring day roaming around the park, restaurants are also available but can be a bit expensive. One day of strolling the park is surely not enough so meaning you have to really stay for a couple of days to enjoy and soak in the moment to experience and remember your childhood days.

Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure, Florida. This park is mostly talked upon after Disney World though its just second its still one of the best parks in the nation. The opening of Islands of Adventure just made the park a more attractive park with the World of Harry Potter now all set and ready, it may just become the top theme park in the country very soon. Both Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure are full of amazing attractions to see and visit from roller coasters to entertainment.

Kings Island. As per Travel Channel, Kings Island is one of the most visited amusement parks in America with over three million visitors each year and increasing throughout the years. The park is known for its family friendly rides and attractions. One of their famous rides best for kids is the Snoopy Island, water parks are also available in the area. For more of theme parks here and around the world, stay tuned to Travelers Today.