Everyone knows that burgers are an American trademark. Juicy, beefy patties slathered with all kinds of sauces in the most succulent burger buns-- can it get more American than that?

But there are actually different kinds of burgers waiting for you in every state. But if you're in the US and wants to try the best burgers in the whole country, then you should go to these places:

Holeman & Finch Public House, Atlanta. This is not a burger joint. In fact, you won't see a burger listed on their menu. But if you're willing to wait until 10 pm, then you will get to experience Holeman & Finch's specialty double cheeseburger. You might have to fight for it though, since they only make about 24 pcs every day. This is to ensure they focus on the quality of each of the burgers they serve.

Burger Boy, San Antonio, Texas. It might look like a regular fast food burger, but once you get a bite you'll discover that it's totally not. For just a cheap price, you can enjoy a double cheeseburger that will make other expensive burgers a run for their money.

Brindle Room, New York. Most specialty burgers in New York cost over $30, that's why it's great that the Brindle makes an equally tasty burger for half the price. Although customers can only avail this dish during lunch, it's guaranteed to make you full or the whole day. Its patty is made from "deckle", the fatty part of the rib eye, and its toppings will make you swoon with delight.

Louis' Lunch, New Haven, CT. Louis' Lunch serves burgers your great-great grandparents would approve. Using the same recipe they originally used in the early 1900s, The Original Burger is still a great hit after several years. The patty itself is a miracle-- made from over five cuts of meat. You won't find any sauces on top, only cheese, onion and tomatoes are allowed as toppings.