People go for quiet darts somewhere at the spur of the moment. Yes, planned or even unplanned trips can definitely recharge your mind and body but you must know how to keep fit and energized even when you're driving or maybe when you forgot to pack your yoga mat. How do you stay limber and sprightly even while traveling? For yogies on-the-go, practicing yoga can virtually be done right about anywhere - with or without your yoga mat and other necessities.

Traveling can take hours which can take a toll at your back and especially your neck and shoulders. Yoga experts would often advise to do yoga before traveling and even while you're at it. Traveling, they say, is likened to doing yoga and meditation, it keeps you aware of your own thoughts and surroundings and moves you to be "present" and be right at that "moment".

Here are some easy and quick Yoga poses that you can do while traveling or even when you can't find a yoga studio nearby:

The Garland Pose or Malasana. The palms of your hands should be together and then move to press your inner thighs in line with your triceps. Lift your chest and hold it for at least five breaths at which you could slowly progress to a standing position.

The Dangle Pose. From a standing stance, proceed to separate your feet apart, bend your knees, and then move your chest close to your thighs. Fold your body in a forward stance, the grab both elbows, while you settle and hold this pose for about two to three minutes. This helps relax and release stress from the lower back.

The Revolved Chair Pose or Parivrtta Utkatasana. This yoga pose is meant to relax, calm, and even cleanse you from within. One of the most popular yoga twists practiced by modern yogies, the Revolved Chair Pose, is said to effectively soothe and massage your internal organs, flush harmful toxins from the body, and trim off belly bulges. Here's how you do it: Bend your knees together, and then keep your hands together (in a praying stance) while keeping it close to the heart.

Proceed to twist your torso to the right and hook your left elbow right outside your right thigh. Keep your palms pressed together to get ready for a deeper yoga twist. Lift your spine while you inhale and then twist deeper as you exhale. Knees should also be kept aligned with each other. Your weight should also be spread right at your heels and not at the balls of your feet. Hold the pose for five breaths and then twist to the opposite side.

Traveling should be spontaneous but also takes some form of commitment. Yoga poses can help you be better disposed for travel. The practice of yoga is not just a trend, it's a whole new wave of lifestyle that embodies your life purpose to keep your balanced state - with the mind, body, and soul in alignment.