Americans will travel more this year, according to survey released by AAA. Forty-two per cent of Americans are most likely to travel to warm-weather places in the U.S and abroad. It means less Americans will go "staycation" and the travel industry will enjoy a favourable hype.

It will be a very busy year for the travel industry in general as 30 per cent of US adults signify their intention to take a vacation this year. Both novice and experienced traveller are looking for new kind of travel experience.

Bill Sutherland, Vice President for Travel and Publishing of AAA, said that most Americans would like to have a unique and immersive cultural experience while traveling domestically or abroad. Top local destinations are ranked as follows: Orlando, Florida; Fort Lauderdale, Florida; Anaheim, California; Miami, Florida; Las Vegas, Nevada.

On the other hand, top international destinations include Punta Cana, Dominican Republic; Rome, Italy; Montego Bay, Jamaica; London, England; and Nassau, Bahamas. There will be an increase in travel bookings especially in Melbourne and Sydney, Australia; Cancun, Mexico; and Toronto and Vancouver, Canada.

AAA expert predictions for this year reveals that travellers want to have an intimate and deeper connection with others country's culture, people and traditions. The survey shows that more travellers booked tours that will give them the change to dine with locals or learn hands-on training from local craftsman.

Thanks to its close proximity, Canada will receive more tourists from America. This is great avenue for Canada to share its 150th birthday celebration to their neighbouring country. In Europe, Iceland and Ireland are enjoying great popularity among US travellers.

River cruising will not just be for older travellers. Millenials are considering trying this experience. More families are also planning to visit National Parks this year. For more reading on the best travel destinations in the U.S., check this article from Travelers Today.