The fantasy-adventure television series, "A Series of Unfortunate Events" will air on January 13, Friday on Netflix. The said series is an adaptation from Lemony Snicket's novel. There are reports stating that the upcoming Netflix series has a better adaptation as the book than the 2014 movie adaptation. On the other hand, a critic from Liam Mathew states that Patrick Warburton plays perfectly as Lemony Snicket than Jude Law.

The story of the said American drama TV series features the adventure of three siblings, which is commonly known as 'Baudelaire orphans.' They became orphans since their parents died on a fire at their family mansion. Based from the book, Violet Baudelaire is the eldest who will soon become an inventor, Klaus Baudelaire is the middle child who loves reading books and Sunny Baudelaire is the youngest among them, which soon develops a love for cooking.

Some critics say that the book executes better as a TV series than its 2014 movie adaptation. A report from Mashable states that  A.V. Club associate editor Erik Adam wrote his review that 'books were better executed as a series than the 2014 movie adaptation.'

""A Series Of Unfortunate Events" makes a smooth transition to Netflix, with help from Handler and executive producer Barry Sonnenfeld.", Adam said. "It's so much more convenient to retell Handler's epic tale of woe and whimsy when each novel gets two 42-minute episodes to set the mood, to steep in the wit, and to integrate the interjections of the tangent-prone Snicket.", he added.

According to TV Guide show pulled off the adaptation better than the film. In fact, the said reputable site also states that Patrick Warbuton plays perfectly as Snicket. He's world-wearily authoritative and his voice conveys solemnity, which is a perfect fit for his character. For more updates and latest news, stay tuned on this site!