Another Marvel movies will be release this year. The American superhero film based on the DC Comics, "Wonder Woman" will be heading on big screen on June 2. There are news circulating online about the said movie and most of it talks about on who will be the villains. Elena Anaya and Danny Huston might be the fiercest enemies of the said superhero. Meanwhile, a photo leak online that Gal Gadot's character steal 'god killer' sword.

There are several reports and theories about who will be playing as the villain in the said film. In fact, there are speculations circulating online that Elena Anaya and Danny Huston might be Diana's rivalry. As shown on its first and second trailer, Danny Huston appeared as a general and it seems that he could bring threat to Diana. On the other hand, there is a masked woman who looks like she will be one of the fiercest enemy of the superhero.

According to Movie Pilot, the report states that Danny Huston might be playing the character of "God of War," who is one of the adversary of "Wonder Woman." Ares is the "God of War" who possesses tremendous strength. He is a master of conflict that has complete telekinetic command and mastery over any weapon. His armor is virtually indestructible and his weapons are greater than mortal ones. Violence, anger, hate, death, and bloodshed make him stronger.

In addition, Screen Rant speculates that Elena Anaya might be one of Diana's foe. Anaya showed up through its second trailer as a dubious woman that has a creepy half-face. Based on the said site, Anaya looks like Diana's classic enemy 'Doctor Poison.' Doctor Poison is an expert in the use of poisons, toxins and plagues.

On an exclusive photo of Entertainment Weekly, it shows that "Wonder Woman" steal the sword of the "God Killer." Based on the said reputable site, the report states that Diana disobeys her mother, breaks into the heavily guarded armory on her idyllic all-female island of Themyscira and steals Amazon mythical sword.

Fans cannot wait to see the said upcoming superhero movie. Stay tuned for more updates!