The Canadian-Irish historical drama television series created and written by Michael Hirst for the History Channel, "Vikings" is getting more intense. As the main protagonist, Ragnar Lothbrok died on its previous episodes, speculations from the fans are circulating online. There are theories states that 'Ivar the Boneless' could be the next king of Kattegat. On the other hand, a report states that Ivar will seek revenge and fight against Lagertha on "Vikings" Season 4 Episode 16.

There were reports claiming that 'Ivar the Boneless', one of the sons of Ragnar could possibly be the next king of Kattegat. As the news released by Forbes, it states that Ivar is a compelling, frightening new figure who will almost certainly become a central protagonist of the said TV series. In fact, he is the only son of Ragnar who believes on the strength and ability of his father.

It was recently shown that Travis Fimmel who played the character of King Ragnak Lothbrok died on its previous episodes. Meanwhile, a previous episode shows that Lagertha killed Queen Aslaug, mother of Ivar. Report says that Ivar might seek revenge for the death of his parents. Based on a report from Movie Pilot, it states that Ivar is the most obvious contender of Lagertha.

The vengeful, merciless little mommy's boy surely will seek revenge after what was happened to his parents. On its previous episode, Lagertha attacked Kattegat. Aslaug, as the Queen of the Kattegat wanted to make peace with Lagertha. As Aslaug says that "Ragnar is dead", Lagertha wanted to take his dead body and bring it to her land. But, as Aslaug doesn't want to give Ragnar's dead body, Lagertha shoot her at the back with the use of bow and arrow.

On Wednesday's episode of "Vikings", it shows that Ivar challenges Lagertha to a single combat. He wanted to take revenge after Lagertha killed her mother. "I've come here for justice. Everyone knows that you killed my mother for no reason except ambition, therefore I demand justice.", Ivar said angrily.