The American superhero action-adventure drama television series, "Supergirl" Season 2 will be having its ninth episode. The upcoming episode of the superhero TV series entitled "Supergirl Lives" will be heading on the small screen by Monday, January 23 on The CW Network. The report shows that two of the fiercest enemy of the said superhero will be back on set.

On the upcoming episode of the said sci-fi TV series, Supergirl will be facing again her fiercest enemies. News leak online that two villains will be back on its ninth episode of Season 2. According to Cinema Blend, the report shows that Livewire and Metallo will reprise their role as one of the fiercest enemies of the said hero.

As shown on its previous episode, Metallo is originally an assassin whose name was John Corben. Metallo is a ceation of Cadmus who saved his life by implanting him with a heart made of kryptonite. He was fatally wounded after he failed in his mission in killing Lena Luthor. After Cadmus saved his life, he was given a new mission, to hunt and kill "Supergirl" and "Superman". Besides, Cadmus gave him a new name as Metallo.

On the other hand, it was hinted that Metallo's character on its next episode will be playing by "Snow in Paradise" actor, Frederick Schmidt. According to TV Line, the report shows that Metallo will be in the second half of Season 2 and it will be played by the former John Corben, Frederick Schmidt.

Moreover, Brit Morgan who played the character of Livewire, one of the villains in "Supergirl" season 2 will also reprise her role. According to The Silver Times, Livewire is one of the villains that will be back in 2017. In fact, the said site states that the two villains will try to get their revenge in the next episode of the said superhero series.