The pre-Batman series, "Gotham" Season 3 will be heading on small screen on January 16 entitled "Ghost". It was reported that Cameron Monaghan made a promise on his return on the show as Jerome Valeska which is popularly known as "The Joker." In fact, there were photos leaked online about "Smile Like You Mean It" episode. Besides, it was speculated that Dollmaker might have a return.

Despite of hectic schedules of the 23-year-old actor Cameron Monaghan, he still make his promise to be back on "Gotham" Season 3. There were previous reports stated that Monaghan would be back on set to play his role as 'The Joker.' In fact, the young actor confirmed via Instagram as he posted on his account that a shot from January 23 episode entitled "Smile Like You Mean It" would physically feature his character.

On the other hand, FOX network released some photos for the next two episodes of "Gotham" Season 3. As the news released by Comic Book, it was stated that Lee uncovered Jerome's dead body, a uniformed police officer getting run over by a GCPD patrol car and a gorgeous Selina in Wayne Manor.

In addition, it was also seen in the photo gallery that Robin Lord Taylor who played the character of Oswald Cobblepot clutching a knife in sirens, Tabitha and Babs whose character portrayed by Jessica Lucas and Erin Richards, respectively were staring into each other's eyes. Furthermore, there were numerous photos of Bruce and Alfred looking constipated. There were no official synopsis for the next episodes of "Gotham" Season 3.

It was rumored that Colm Feore whose character was Dollmaker might return on "Gotham" Season 3. According to the report of International Business Times, the makeup shown on the top half of the character's face is similar to the comic version where the Joker's face was removed. It can also mean that Dollmaker might return, the character who took out Joker's face in the comics.