The American crime drama television series, "Blindspot" Season 2 would be having its 12th episode. The upcoming episode of the said show will be heading on the small screen on January 18, 2017 entitled "Devil Even Never Lived." On its next episode, there's a possibility that Roman might be sent out in the field. Meanwhile, it was reported that the said NBC series got low ratings.

Roman was born under the name of Ian Kruger. He was Jane's brother and a member of terrorist group called Sandstorm. As it was shown on the previous episodes of "Blindspot," Roman was a shy and lonely child who was under the protection of her older sister, Jane. However, their ways were being separated when Jane volunteered to be one of the team member of FBI.

As the news released by Carter Matt, it was reported that a tattoo was traced back to Roman. The team has to make a big decision whether Roman might be sent out in the field or might not be. However, it also stated in the said site that "Blindspot" star, Luke Mitchelle's character as Roman was being considered as one of high ranking officials of the said terrorist organization.

On the other hand, there were speculations leaked online that "Blindspot" Season 2 got low ratings. According to TV Line, it was reported that NBC's crime drama series was one of the eight shows that is in danger. Based on the report on the said site, the recent original installment got a demo rate of 1.1, which was worse that the cancelled series it replaced "The Mysteries of Laura." According to the report, series might get cancelled.

The cancellation of "Blindspot" was just a rumor. There were no official statements yet from the showrunners of the said show.