The American crime television series, "Gotham" would be having its 12 episode on season 3. It was previously reported that the upcoming episode of the said TV series will be heading on small screen by January 15, 2017 on FOX. It was speculated that Jerome Valeska would be back on set to play the character of Joker. Besides, Barbara Kean and Edward Nygma rumored to unite as one.

The pre-Batman series was speculated to begin another darker era in "Gotham" on its upcoming episode. Besides, it was rumored that Cameron Monaghan who portrayed the role of Jerome Valeska would be back on set to play the character of Joker. As the news reported by Cinema Blend, it was stated that Jerome would be the 52nd version of The Joker's admission to Arkham Asylum wherein the doll maker ripped off his face.

The storylines of "Gotham" Season 3 Episode 12 would be more intense as it was rumored that Barbara Kean and Edward Nygma would unite as one. According to Latin Post, the two characters dropped major hints on their social media account. On the official twitter account of "Gotham", a video teaser had been posted in which Barbara Kean seeing jeering closely someone who appeared to be Edward Nygma. In fact, the video teaser was captioned "The new super team."

In the video teaser posted via Twitter, Barbara said, "Think about it Ed. Your brains, your brawn, mine, me." In another post, Edward Nygma was seen mumbling as he said the words, "I want to destroy him." Fans and viewers cannot help but to predict that another super villain would put the lives of people in "Gotham" be in danger.

The upcoming episode of "Gotham" Season 3 is much awaited due to characters transformations. Nygma to become Riddler as Jerome would become "The Joker". The team up of Kean and Nygma could make its storylines more extreme.