The American reality culinary competition television series, "Top Chef" Season 14 would be the most challenging part of the cheftestants. Old versus new is the theme of the 14th season of the said Bravo TV series. There were speculations that B.J. Smith would be out from the competition.

The season fourteen of "Top Chef" would be the most challenging season for the newbie contestants. As it was previously reported, there were sixteen chef contestants that would begin the competition. Eight of them were veteran chefs from its previous season while the other eight contestants were newbie chefs.

There was news leaked online that Portland chef, B.J. Smith would be eliminated from the "Top Chef" Season 14. As it was previously shown on its second episode, the new chef competed as a team against the veterans. The contestants were tasked to prepare dishes inspired by classic South Carolina meals.

As remembered, B.J. Smith prepared a pork dish which landed him in the bottom three as he prepared his dish inconsistently. On the last week's episode of "Top Chef", newbies and veterans were mixed-up for another elimination challenge. They were tasked to create a seven-course progressive meal with its key ingredient, radish.

Smith did not make it perfectly as he lost his head to head face-off in "Top Chef". His pink radish conserved with trout, pickled and raw radish finished and pink radish with red miso emulsion and kale chips did not pass the taste of the judges. Smith was one of the chefs who lost the one-on-one competition. By these statements, it is clear that he was up for elimination.

Hopefully, on the next episode of "Top Chef", B.J. Smith would finally make it. As it was reported by Oregon Live, that on its upcoming challenge cheftestants would prepare a traditional Italian-American seafood-centric dinner using a "trash fishes."