The American procedural drama series, "Elementary" that presents a contemporary update of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's character Sherlock Holmes has been released its newest episode last two weeks, December 11. It was speculated that Samantha Quan would reprise her role in its upcoming episode. On the other hand, it was rumored that Sherlock and Joan Watson's relationship would be going to the next level.

As it was remembered, Samantha Quan was first introduced in the third episode of "Elementary" as Lin Wen. She was first shown up at the brownstone asking for Sherlock's help to solve a robbery that took place at her illegal gambling operation. In addition, it was claimed by her that she had been dating Mycroft.

In the previous episode of "Elementary", it was reported by Previously TV that Samantha's character as Lin was the half-sister of Joan Watson. Joan and Lin have the same biological father but Joan did not grow up with her true father. Besides, Joan was being adopted by her stepfather, Mr. Watson.

According to the official twitter account of "Elementary" writers, it was confirmed that Samantha's role as Lin wen would be back on set. The show's co-executive producer and writer Robert Hewitt posted via twitter on Samantha's come back.

There was news leaked online that Lucy Liu and Jonny Lee Miller's character as Dr. Joan Watson and Sherlock Holmes, respectively would be having a romantic relationship. As it was previously reported by CBS News, it was stated that fans were asking if the two main characters would ever kindle in the upcoming season of "Elementary". However, showrunners of the said CBS drama debunked the said speculation.

In a recent interview with Johnny Lee Miller with New York Post, he said that Holmes and Watson's relationship is sacred. "Holmes and Watson's relationship is sacred, and if you change that, then the show is not about Holmes and Watson anymore." Besides, it was previously been said by the writer of the show that the series should remain faithful to its original material which keeps Sherlock and Joan's relationship strictly friendly.