Traveling is great but traveling would be extra fun and exciting when it's done with some close friends. Visiting and going to places with the best friends are major '#FriendshipGoals.' However, it's not always that great to travel with friends.

There are pros and cons on that matter; one of the pros is that when going on an adventure with a close friend, they could make things way more epic and memorable. The con, on the other hand, is that they could ruin the whole thing single-handedly or in a snap. Here's what they should and shouldn't do while traveling with friends:

Discuss what everyone wants to do. The group must discuss whether they want to do the things that one of them suggests and decide to agree or disagree with it. This is the best way to make the trip go smoothly. The discussion must be done before the trip. Although spontaneity is awesome too, but it would be time-consuming, especially if complications would arise.

Be an easy going type of companion, be flexible. Learn that some people from the group are okay with a lot of walking or spending the night in a cheap hostel. Don't be that type who's too sensitive and picky with the food, the place, or just about everything. Going with the flow is not that hard.

Forget about the digital world for a while. The most annoying thing to see when traveling with friends is when they couldn't take their eyes off of their phone's screens. That they could hardly embrace and appreciate the beauty of the place that they're visiting because they're too busy finding the right angle to take a photo of the landscape. Don't be that kind of companion.

Don't always worry about the expenses. It's okay to worry about the money spent but it's best to discuss this matter before further planning the trip. Discussing it during the trip would just be frustrating and might ruin everything. Check out Travelers Today for more travel news and tips.