There are so many beautiful things in the world and people tend to travel across the globe because they want to see the beauty for themselves. The people living in this world, however, is the only thing that's making it scary.

By traveling, one can become extremely rich. Rich in knowledge, in cultures, in experiences and more - but like the Yin-Yang, there's always something bad in every good. The scary part about traveling is the risk that travelers are going to have to take. Like visiting foreign places alone, for instance, there are chances that the places could be dangerous for a traveler to go alone. Here are the top most dangerous vacation destinations in the world:

First, Brazil has a high crime rate level; violence and crime are not new and can happen anytime and anywhere. Weapon-and-firearm-carrying-citizens are everywhere and robbery, especially in beaches and ATMs at Rio de Janeiro, is common as well. The Zika virus in Rio de Janeiro (where the summer Olympics is going to be held) got some elite athletes to withdraw.

Tourists may come and go to South Africa because of the once in a lifetime wildlife spotting experience, gorgeous beaches, swimming with sharks, and a lot more attractions. However, murder and rape reports would go on and on in South Africa. So are hijacking and theft reports especially during at night.

Turkey is a popular place to go cruising but it is not named as one of the most dangerous because of murder and the like. Their crime rate level is average and the people are friendly as well. The only things that their government is concerned about are the terrorist threats and the suicide bombings that commonly happen anytime and anywhere.

Algeria, one of Africa's most visited country because of the attractions, establishments, modern architecture and more. But despite all of those, The Department of State is still warning tourists that Algeria is not a safe place to travel to because of high kidnapping rate and terrorism threats from ISIS. Check out Travelers Today for more travel news and tips.