The first chapter of a whole new year is just starting and every new chapter, people may want to start a new life. New life, a new chapter and new opportunities, and everyone believe that there is nothing much to find if one is only staying in one place.

Usually, people would want to migrate to a different city or country to either find a new job, a new opportunity or to just get out of their old place to try their luck this 2017 in a new place. Which is not a bad idea, after all, there are still so much that the world can offer. Here are the best and cheapest countries to relocate to this year:

Bolivia. Living in this South American country would not cost much. Sure the housing can be pretty expensive but in the Capital Sucre for example in which the CPI is 37.60, there are affordable one-room apartments to stay in that would only cost a person around $226 a month. Meanwhile, the monthly utility bill will only reach an average amount of $42.

Everybody knows how expensive the lifestyle can be in Europe, little did they know that the Eastern Europe can be pretty cheap as well. For instance, Bulgaria which is an Eastern European country is the twenty-ninth most affordable country to live in, in the world. The CPI remained 37 since 2015 and a one-bedroom rental located in central Sofia only costs $300 per month. $11 can already be a three-course meal at a restaurant and a one-way metro ticket is $0.85.

Albania. Another European country that would be perfect for those who are looking for a new place to resettle in. One-bedroom rents can be as low as $155 a month. A meal in a nice restaurant can be as cheap as $6 and a one-way bus ticket is $0.31.

One-bedroom rental can only cost $76 and one can only spend around $2 for a good meal in a restaurant. Nepal had been one of the most affordable places to live in. Check out Travelers Today for more travel news and tips.