So many places to visit yet so little of money - there are tons of gorgeous places that travelers should not miss, but some of them can be quite pricey and may drill a hole in their pockets. However, there are also places that are major travel goals yet affordable and can make it to the budget, and one of them is Tokyo, Japan.

Because of destructive tsunamis and earthquakes that had been happening in Japan, that greatly affected Fukushima and other famous places in the country. The number of tourists and travelers drastically went too low because they're cautious that a natural calamity may happen anytime. Up until now, the Japanese tourist agency is still trying to increase the number of tourists by offering less expensive activities, places to stay in, and the like.

To explore Tokyo without having to spend a lot: rather than staying in a hotel, stay in Ryokan Sawanoya instead. Ryokan Sawanoya is a famous, safe and cheap guesthouse in the city. There are also these so-called 9flats and CrashPadder, which are spare rental rooms that are way cheaper than hotels but can still be very comfortable.

Travelers can learn Japan's culture by exposing themselves on shrines and temples. Yasukuni Shrine and Sensoji Temple in Asakusa are examples of shrines and temples that are free of admission. Entering the Imperial Palace where there are gorgeous existing views is free as well, and so is The East Gardens where Emperor Showa's art collections are being showcased in a small museum.

 Tourists can also take a look at Tokyo's most stunning parks - such as Yoyogi Park which is filled with street performers and local bands during the weekends, and Ueno Park where it is filled with cherry blossoms (best to visit the park during cherry blossom season which is between the end of March and the beginning of April) for free. Ueno Park is also filled with lotus flowers during the summer months.

For museum freaks, there are a lot of admission-free museums in Tokyo too. Lastly, the foods - delicious yet cheap foods from food halls fill the streets and department stores of Tokyo. Learn more about budget traveling on Travelers Today.