Prepare them sunglasses and sunscreens and hop aboard on the Pride of America Cruise Line to set foot on the different islands of Hawaii. The Pride of America Cruise Line will set and sail from Honolulu the whole year and this is definitely one of the few things that cruisers do not want to miss.

It's a fresh new year - that means new goals, new opportunities, and more adventures. One of the best things to do to start the year is to travel someplace new, learn and experience different cultures, lay under the sun, relax and enjoy. And the best way to do all these is to go cruising around Hawaii and hop on Hawaii's most gorgeous and mesmerizing islands in a fancy way.

The Pride of America cruise ship is absolutely worthy of every penny. The ship has over 15 restaurants to dine on that serve different mouth-watering and heart melting (mostly Hawaiian) cuisines, and 12 bars and lounges to chill out on at a breezy night. Perfect for families and friends, there are also fancy suites and wide balconies to go whale-watching and to take a look at Hawaii's most active shield volcano, the Kilauea volcano - not to mention the breathtaking views of Napali Coast.

As cruisers travel through Hawaii's greatest islands, they can also take a dip in the pool on the deck and get their skin tanned as they lay under the sun. Spas for some soul-soothing massages and for relaxations are also available on the cruise ship.

To make it more interesting, there will also be native ambassadors on board to help the cruisers learn more about the different cultures and history of Hawaii, perfect for first timers. The entertainments offered by the ship are worth remembering as well for they offer, sports, shopping, family-friendly activities, aqua parks where there are awesome water slides and all, casino and a lot more. Tune in on Travelers Today for more travel news and tips.