The Spanish capital has evolved throughout the years in terms of International cuisine. With the improvement and increase of modern restaurants in Madrid, sometimes you forgot how good it is as it offers a fusion of flavors that just makes the dish more complicated yet very delicious and traditional as the same time. Here are some of the most historic restaurants in Madrid that offers traditional and authentic Spanish cuisines.

Taberna La Bola offers an excellent Spanish cuisine for which it is well known of. Gentle cooked in individual clay pots over a bed of charcoal aroud it as its recipe is from the well know madrileño classic which has remained the same since Tabera La Bola opened. According to The Culture Trip, This dish has even earned the a restaurant award for its traditional Spanish cuisine it entitles.

Casa Labra opened its doors to the public in 1860. The restaurant has a wooden type dining roon and bar, they serve the best salt cod croquettes and some deep fried tajada de bacalao which is one of madrid's famous dishes.

One of the best places to visit Madrid to feel that old classic vibe is Salvador. According to According to TimeOut, their traditional soup which is the lentil soup is made up of scrambled egg with some seafoods, beef with fries and asparagus to top it all off. 

If you want to check out the best wine bars stop by Taberna Tempranillo. It does not only offer wine but food as well. While taking a sip of their famous local wine, try one of the creative tostas or toast or the raciones which is a full plated dish wherein a group can share on it. There is also the foie gras ang magret de pato which is a duck leg with caramelized onion that taste tremendously good said Lonely Planet.

Casa Jacinto is a local favorite and is very busy when there is a senate hearing because it is near the Senate and Plaza Spain Monument. Their best dishes include steak which is cooked in front of you on a hot stone and the oxtail stew. They also have the wild mushroom and clams if you want to try something different. For more of the latest news and current events around the world, visit Travelers Today.