February 29, 2024 5:46 AM

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Five High Tea Locations In The World Brits Would Be Proud Of

Want to take tea like a royalty? Check out these places and sit on a high table and chair, pinky flexed, and try your best to imitate the Brits!


Latest Archaeology Digs In Turkey Finds 12,000 Years Of Anatolian Food Culture

Archaeological missions in the old city of Tlos in Turkey have led scientists and historians to the information they needed regarding the food culture of Anatolians dating 12,000 years ago. The excavations found jars and cookers with animal meat like deer, rabbit and wild boar, but the ancient people favored agricultural products only years later on.


Uber Launches First Food Delivery App in Bangkok

There comes the days when people become too lazy to go out of bed and cook their meals or dine in fancy restaurants or foodstops. Lucky are the people in Bangkok! They can now have a taste of their cravings right at their doorsteps.


The Best Restaurants That Offers Authentic Local And International Cuisine In Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is bound to offer the best memories yet with local and international cuisine in a breath taking setting.


The Best Historic Restaurants In Madrid, Spain

Find the best traditional and historic restaurants in Madrid, where you can taste the flavors of the local cuisine in an authentic environment


NYC's Iconic Carnegie Deli Will Close Next Week

New York's very own orgasmic restaurant, Carnegie Deli announced that they will finally bid farewell to New Yorkers as they will close next week.


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