When traveling in Korea the best thing to visiting in order to be acquainted with their culture is through visiting their historical landmarks. Korean palaces are the home of political kings and queens and it relays to the whole world the historical and architectural traditions and cultures of the place.

According to Inside Korea, the palaces from the Chosun Dynasty are almost found in Seoul. Seoul's palaces is truly a great place to visit as it is considered as an authentic place as it encompasses almost all the angles of the history of the place starting from the Joseon era up until the current time.  

Gyeongbok Palace- Yi Seong -gye built the palace right after he founded the Chosun Dynasty. Gyeongbok Palace means Felicito Blessing and it was burned into ashes during 1592 to 1598 luckily, it was rebuilt in 1867.

Changdeok Palace- The palace means 'prospering virtue' and was actually designated as a UNESCO World Heritage in the year 1997 because of the magnificent back garden. The palace was also burned during the Japanese invasion but was again rebuilt in 1609 and was considered as a state palace.

Changgyeong Palace- During the invasion, the Japanese occupiers built a zoo, botanical garden, and museum in the palace which destroyed the royal throne and essence of the place. The palace was again luckily restored in 1984.

Gyeonghui Palace- The palace is originally called Gyeonghui which means Serene Harmony. The palace was built in 1623 and was called the western palace. It is located in the west of Gyeongbok Palace and near Seoul Museum of History.

Deoksugung Palace- According to Visit Korea, this palace is the most popular favoring its elegant and magnificent stone-wall roadways. Furthermore, this is only the palace that is surrounded by western style buildings that add to the unique aura of the place.

When visiting Korean palaces one of the most fascinating ceremonies is the changing of royal guards. In Deoksugung Palace (closed on Mondays), the ceremony route is from Daehanmun gate reaching Gwangtonggyo Bridge. Meanwhile, visit the most sacred place on earth. Click here for full details.