'O Cristo Redentor' or popularly known as Christ The Redeemer located in Rio De Janiero, Brazil made its way firmly standing in this world's current century despite hardships and political controversies regarding its construction back in the 1850s. The history of Christ The Redeemer is for every Christian to know especially for people who wanted to visit the place.

According to Sacred Destinations, tracing back in the 1850s, a local catholic priest had dreamt of a Christian monument to be placed on Corcovado peak in Rio. The Catholic priest then requested a solicitation fund from Princess Isabel in order to build the statue.

However, Princess Isabel did not grant the priest's request right after the separation of state and church during the development of Republic of Brazil in1889. Because of this, the Catholic Circle of Rio started a brigade collecting signatures and donations in order to construct the statue. The construction began in 1922 and was opened to the public on October 12, 1931.

Christ The Redeemer statue is made of concrete and soapstone and depicts Christ with his arms raised and spread just like showing a welcoming and heartwarming gesture. A small chapel is situated at the base of the statue (Chapel of Nossa Senhora Aparecida ) wherein family occasions are held.

The structure of the statue stands on a peak over 2,000 feet high with an authentic and magnificent view. It weighs over a total of 635 tons. Actually in the February 2008, the statue was attacked by lightning, however, it is still standing firm given by the strong properties of the materials used.

According to My Rio Travel Guide, there is no specific month when to visit Rio De Janiero and also Christ The Redeemer statue because all months are good. Anyone can visit the place all year round however with some considerations; holidays packed up cruise ships, and even long weekends. Meanwhile, take the time to visit the endangered Rain Forrest across the world before they are all gone, click here for full details.