The importance of rainforests in earth as much as in human life is a great thing as it is considered to be a natural savior against global warming. Rainforests are called as such because it receives at least 80 inches of rain each year. The rainforest is mostly found in tropical areas of the north and south of the equator.

According to Wonderopolis, scientists tagged rainforests as 'lungs of the earth' because all trees that are present in the rainforests absorbs a large volume of carbon dioxide and in return, it also produces a large volume of oxygen which is very essential to human beings. Also, many of the important trees and different animal species are mostly found in rainforests.

Furthermore, rainforests help stabilize climate change, a major effect of global warming. As much as rainforests absorb carbon dioxide it is also able to fight and counteract the effects of climate change because carbon dioxide plays a very crucial rule in the worsening of global warming.

Lastly, rainforests also help in the sustenance of water cycle as it produces large amounts of rainfall every year. As supported by Smashing Lists, here are the ranking of the largest rainforest across the world:

Amazon or Amazonia Jungle is the largest forest in the world and lies almost of the Amazon Basin of South America. It has an area of 1.7 billion acres. Second is the Congo rainforest found in central Africa and it covers almost a bigger part of Northern Congo. The third spot is taken by Valdivian Temperate Rainforest located in two countries; Chile and Argentina. Valdivian Rainforest has an area of almost 248,100 square kilometers.

Queensland, Australia's Daintree rainforest is in the fourth spot with an area of about 2,600 square kilometers. The rainforest is actually named after Richard Daintree. Lastly the 5th largest rainforest is the Southeast Asian Rainforest, however, a huge devastation and deforestation occurred and the restoration is somewhat critical. The Southeast Asian rainforest has a 200 species of trees.

Some of the forest that is included in the largest rainforests also includes; Tongass National Forrest, Kinabalu National Park, Santa Elena Cloud Forest Reserve, Sinharaja Forest Reserve, and Pacific Temperate Rainforest. Meanwhile, have a sight of the most beautiful spots in Greece including the filming site of 'Descendants of the Sun' click here to get full details.