In this age of smartphone revolution, most often the apps installed on these devices are also our source of essential information. Here is a rundown of free apps every travel must have on their smartphones for ease and comfort while on the road.


This free app serves as your own travel agent and plans every aspect of your trip. It can provide information ranging from car rental to restaurants to lodging. Furthermore, TripIt enables you to create custom itineraries manually by hand, or by just forwarding email confirmations of your rental car, flight, train tickets, and hotels to and TripIt make your itinerary.


 Weather+Free will give you the weather forecast of a place. Equipped with its simple interface, this free app informs you in English of the current climate in multiple locations. It also shows the temperature, humidity, local time, visibility, wind speed, and other important factors that will aid your decision about your trips.


Goby is a free app that pinpoints the place's hotspots such as hotels, museums, eateries, within your vicinity. However, its true worth is in finding events nearby. Goby will give you information about plays, concerts, events, and more just right around the corner.

Free Wi-Fi Finder

Modern traveler is always in need of an internet connection. Several feel aground and washed up without Internet access. The Free Wi-Fi Finder is a free app developed by JiWire. It shows places that have free wireless connections in urban zones. With Free Wi-Fi Finder, you can examine with a directory or just enable the Wi-Fi scanner to trace the nearest hot spots.

Google Translate

When your foreign language knowledge falls short, turn to Google Translate. This free app can quickly translate the entire paragraphs of text or even the word spoken. To use it, simply say a phrase in English, and Google Translate will echo your words in the foreign language you choose.