Every country, except for the devout Islamic nations, could not live without the pleasures of alcoholic beverage. Liquor culture in other countries is fun, even if you can barely remember half of it the next day. Here are the top 5 best countries for alcoholics and revelers.

United Kingdom

Apart from the fact that English is the global lingua franca of humanity, their drunkards pretty much invented the words, 'cheers' and 'bottoms up.' Curiously during the piracy age, alcoholism has contributed greatly to the music genre called 'sea shanty.' Such is prevalent in Irish pubs and British taverns, with local hooligans expertly blurring the line between singing and jeering. Their choice liquors include beer, rum, whiskey and anything else that isn't tea.


In Japan, getting drunk seems like a cultural norm. In fact, local corporate people revel in a cacophony of voices yelling 'kanpai' every after office hours. Since the samurai era, social drinking has been a popular pastime that goes well with gambling, steam baths, and 'ritual homicide.' These days, Japanese bars are famous for beautiful hosts and hostesses pouring frozen sake (rice liquor) with celebrants struggling to pronounce syllables from the karaoke machine.


It would be a sacrilege not to have a meal without a glass (or a bottle) of wine for every pasta or deli meal in Italy. With wine virtually more popular than water, getting drunk is perfectly understandable. Wine has been a staple drink since Ancient Rome wherein getting wasted seems like the best way to worship a party god named Bacchus. Note: hand gestures make greeting 'saluti' perfect!   


Tourists flock in Munich for Oktoberfest. However, stout German carousers down a glass of beer almost on a daily basis. Germans are such beer connoisseurs that they have various names classifying each specific brew. This country has been the beer-brewing and beer-drinking capital of Europe since medieval times. During Oktoberfest, locals are found of shouting the word 'prost' - and no, it's not their first name.


Since ancient times, Chinese drunkards have been proficient in the game called 'finger guessing.' If Japanese businessmen drink after office hours, Chinese counterparts drink every important meeting (no kidding). Their traditional beverage is baiji (sorghum liquor). Trivia: alcoholism seems to penetrate the depths of Chinese culture it even created a kung fu style called Drunken Fist.