As with every other continent in the world, South America also has its own solid fan-base. The patrons of Latin American culture are always drawn to the buoyant beat of its music, the taste of its generally spicy cuisine, and the beauty of its beaches and exotic landscape.

The top 5 cheapest tourist spots in South America contributes to its nation's commerce-oriented economy. Here are the key Latin American cities you need to book for your next flight:

Quito, Ecuador

Discovered in the early 1530's by the Spaniards, Quito was one of the oldest urban centers in South America. This capital city sits at 9,350 feet above sea level yet maintaining a spring-like climate all-year round. Anyone staying in the cheapest metropolis in South America is expected to pay only $20.90 per day for overall expenses.

La Paz, Bolivia

Being the third most populous city in the country, the administrative seat is situated at 11,942 feet above sea level. In 1548, the Spaniards call this once indigenous village "Our Lady of Peace," hence the Latin namesake. You are looking at $24.20 overall daily budget if you plan to stay in the urban center.

Cusco, Peru

Anyone drawn to the bizarrely epic architecture of Machu Picchu finds themselves in Cusco. Although not a capital city, this high-altitude Peruvian municipality is considered the nation's tourism hub. It is arguably the second most popular destination of South America. Entrance to the ancient Incan fortress is far more expensive than the $30.26 total daily expenses staying in the cozy antiquated town.

Cartagena, Colombia

The city of Cartagena has the best South American beaches there is. Cartagena has come a long way from overcoming the stigma of being a hazardous place for tourists. In terms of overall budget, you are expected to pay no more than $30.95 per day.

Lima, Peru

The Peruvian capital of Lima does not fall far behind from its tourist-friendly rival. Due to its rich Spanish colonial heritage, Lima is rife with 15th Century architecture. This city maintains its traditional sophistication without having to burn your credits. The overall daily budget does not exceed $31.17 per day.