Who knew this food fight could be so intense that it lasted for 200 years? The annual festival of Els Enfarinats once again took to the streets of Ibi, Alicante, Spain with loads of 1,500 eggs and hundreds flour bombs being hurled at the participants.

Every December 28, the town staged a mock military coup that occurred centuries ago. The revelry takes place between two groups: a group of married men called 'Els Enfarinats' who riot in the village for a whole day voicing their displeasure of the outrageous laws and fines the citizens who impinge on them, and another group called 'La Oposicio,' the oppositions, which try to bring back order.

Other than the eggs and flour, firecrackers and fire extinguishers are also used in the reenactment. The money collected from the fines is then donated to charitable institutions in the village. It is held on the Day of Innocents to mark the massacre by King Herod.

What happens during the event?

The event starts at 8AM where the Els Enfarinats brings the city under the slogan "New Justice." An hour later, the Race for Mayor is held to see who will lead the group. Afterward, the L'Aixavegó is carried out in the Plaça de l'Església (Church Square), which serves as the group's headquarters.

Those who do not pay the fine will go to jail. A collection called the Arreplegada dels Enfarinats will go around through the streets of the old quarter and of the city center of Ibi and ends at the Sant Joaquim Sanctuary. The group will make a ruse with fireworks, flour and eggs. At 5PM, the hurling ends and makes way to the traditional Dansà.

Not only the bizarre food fight in Spain

Guess that Spain has more unusual food hurling festivals. Every August in the town of Bunol, a tomato-throwing celebration known as La Tomatina, the World's biggest food-fight, occurs in August. It is actually followed by La Raima, Spain's Grape Throwing Festival.

Two months before these events, the country also gets to see Batalla del Vino or the Wine Throwing Fight. Seriously, Spain, what's with that?

So, when you're around the country, prepare yourself for some major food fight. You know it's going to be epic.