Tourism is starting a growing part of the worldwide economy, making up 9 percent of GDP and employing 1/11 people globally. Several countries are economic giants raking in millions of tourists to invest business locally while others are immaculate gems, which magnets in adventure-seekers and nature-lovers.

France - 83.7 million

With almost 10 million more visitors than the U.S., France held the second-largest colonial domain in history, a key factor in her close associations with numerous countries and territories around the globe. In spite of the 15 million who visited Paris, France embraces deeper appeal for tourists in its lavish wine regions, small villages dotted throughout the country, and coastal resorts, fetching in a cumulative 83.7 million visitors, making it the number one most visited place in the world.

United States - 74.8 million

At the second spot with nearly 75 million tourists in 2014 is the US. America is still the world's biggest economy by both nominal and real GDP. It is also one of the world's most multiethnic countries due to decades of years of immigration. Regardless of being just the second most visited country, WildJunket notes that the United States had tourists expenditure bigger than in any other country, that is, 177.2 billion dollars in 2014 as equated to 65.2 billion in number two Spain.

Spain - 65 million

Spain is one of only three countries proud about having both Atlantic and Mediterranean coastlines. List25 reported that Spain fetched 65 million tourists last year, attracting millions of tourists from its former colonies in Latin America, as well as its position as the major European trade hub for Latin America. These numbers have contributed to Spain to be the second-largest tourism destination in the world in terms of spending. Each tourist, on the average, spends $1,000 per visit. In the world ranking, however, Spain ranked third as the most visited place in the world.