Travelers enjoy going to places and discovering new things, people, and culture. However, there are places that give a creepy vibe, or a dark and gloomy feeling. Here is a rundown of places that will challenge the adventurer in you.

Hanging Dolls at the Island of Mexico

The mysterious Island of Dolls is found in Mexico where it is a two-hour canal ride from the city. The island was described as hunted because of the hundreds of dolls that are tied to trees creating bothersome landscapes. Furthermore, Don Julian Santana Barrera the man responsible for the story started hanging dolls when he discovered the corpse of a young girl who was drowned. Far along, he found the doll, which was floating on that river. That made him hanging all the dolls he had found in the neighboring canals. He died on 2001 and his death speculates that he committed suicide due to the mental problem but apparently, he was drowned on the exact location where he found the young girl. 

Pripyat, Ukraine's Historic Abandoned City

Pripyat Ukraine was a home to more than 50,000 people. It was devastated by Chernobyl disaster that leads the people to abandon the area. The Land of Alienation as what it is called right now was once a beautiful town in Soviet. The buildings and landmarks were left and were turned into the horrible reminder for the people. Decades have passed, nature recovers the town, trees and grasses grow all over the area - but the town is still unsuitable for human habitat for hundreds of years to come, says, BestPicker.

The Freaky Prague's Old Jewish Cemetery, Czech Republic

The Old Jewish Cemetery in Prague was constructed in the 15th Century. Over 12,000 tombstones were buried but there is the far greater number of people who were hidden. Some say that in reality more than 100,000 bodies were buried because of lack of space, only those on the top were counted. WorldAbandoned reported that Jews who stayed in Prague were forbidden to bury their loved one outside their own district. This cemetery is the oldest cemetery and the oldest existing gravestones were in 23rd of April 1439.