The Christmas season just keeps on getting better for gamers as Steam will soon be having its special Winter Sales event. A tweet from Paypal UK revealed the start date for the big event, as a good portion of Steam's catalogs will be heavily discounted. The Steam Winter Sale is now live!

Seasonal sales have already become a staple part of Steam at this point and a lot of steam users have already developed a habit of saving up their Steam credits in anticipation of the huge discounts they can get during a few select dates every year. Steam's annual Winter Sale started on December 22, which was revealed through Paypal UK's tweet.

It's that time of the year again and the annual Steam Winter Sale is now rolling with countless games on discount. The sale will last until January 2 with a lot of popular games to choose from.

There maybe hundreds of games to list, but there are a few games worth highlighting such as "Doom" reboot at $19.99, Tom Clancy's "The Division" at $24.99, "Watch Dogs 2" at $40.19, "Dishonored 2" priced at $40.19, and "Street Fighter V" running at $19.79, according to Mashable.

On another note, this also marks the start of the first annual Steam Awards with the first category "Villain Most in Need of a Hug" award. The categories vary each day until December 30th.

But Valve ceased this process meaning that if a game is purchased during a general sale, players can purchase it without worrying about another discount that might come at a later date. According to Tech Radar, the chances of gamers seeing a flash or daily sales returning anytime soon are looking pretty slim at the moment as Valve has managed to net more money during its Summer Sale ever since making these changes.

2016 has truly been a very memorable year for PC gaming as a whole with some major releases being announced which include the likes of "Civilization 6", "XCOM 2", and "Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak". Anyone with who owns a decent PC or gaming laptop should be looking towards the Winter Sale with mucho gusto.